Lutterworth Town Estates Charity

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Cricket Ground

Cricket Ground

Image used with permission from Photo © David West 2009

Lutterworth Cricket ground was left to the town of Lutterworth in 1937 by George Spencer, a local benefactor who instructed that it be held in trust by the Town Estates Trustees to ensure that it is used as a sports ground for all time, and so the idyllic scene is left in perpetuity for everyone to enjoy.

The first recorded cricket match was between Lutterworth and Ullesthorpe in 1789. Interestingly this is the date of the start of the French Revolution!

In a single transaction George Spencer purchased the ground from the Church and asked the Trustees to accept the land on behalf of the Town of Lutterworth remarking that he had spent many happy hours during the years he had resided in Lutterworth watching cricket being played in delightful surroundings.